Minneapolis Born & Bred

Tim adds an authentic, homegrown perspective to the race with a fire and fervor that can't be matched!
  • 5 star fully staffed Police that match our core values
  • Your representative serving in your community
  • Creating ladders of opportunity for our youth
  • Funding a national school to small business pathway
  • Funding a national school to Police pathway with 50K bonuses
  • Funding a national veteran to Police pathway
  • Funding a national public school to trades pathway
  • 5 star constituent services
  • Optimistic vision of our community and our country and proud to represent it
  • Working with not just Democrats but also Republicans for the common good
  • “Less mean Tweets, and more community service”

PoliciesSocial Justice

Social justice, education, and economic opportunities have always been connected. We can’t move forward equitably until marginalized populations are able to raise their quality of living now. I will not rest until there is equity in healthcare outcomes, school test scores, and generational wealth from home or business ownership.
  • We will create opportunities for young entrepreneurs to fill the shops on Lake Street and Broadway and other redlined communities like them all over the US by funding public school pitch rallies.
  • One nation, under God with liberty and justice for all, doesn’t just mean its citizens
  • Health care for Women’s rights are human rights and need to be protected at a federal level.
  • If men mostly have a monopoly on destruction, I believe we let women mostly have a monopoly on creation of life.
  • Legalization of psychedelics for all medical purposes. Psychedelics, when well regulated are proven to help many of the mental health challenges our communities suffer from, especially veterans.
  • Ratify the ERA I am a fierce advocate for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. The ERA was introduced over 50 years ago, but is still not part of our constitution. I will also be a strong advocate for reform when it comes to holding police and military officials accountable for protecting women from sexual harassment and sexual trauma of any kind while defending or upholding our constitution.
  • Medicare for all that want it.
  • Ban commercial creation of PFAS and other new forever chemicals.
  • No drilling in the BWCA and no new gas and oil pipelines in Minnesota.
  • Prohibit members of congress from owning stocks, but not mutual funds.
  • Remake and rebuild the Police through a civil rights lens including effective alternative unarmed response when it’s safe, and data supports its effectiveness.
  • Straw Gun Purchase / Auto Sear Reduction Task Force- Take them off the streets by funding 1o new ATF agents for this task only. With about 30,000 deaths in the drug war each year we must fix these problems.

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