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Help us reach our goal


Help us reach our goal
Safety public guard in New York City. City life concept.

Police / Public Safety / Federal Law Reform

  • Remake and rebuild the Police through a civil rights lens including effective alternative unarmed response when it’s safe, and data supports its effectiveness.
  • Tim “will not rest until people of all colors, creeds, sexual orientations and immigration status can truly feel safe in and outside of American cities, even after dark.”
  • He believes that when our police force is rebuilt to share our core values and lived experience of our community, we will become a bright shining star for the state, and country to follow for police reform.
  • “I don’t think any of the other candidates care about remaking and rebuilding our police force to match our core values and lived experience. I haven’t heard a plan from any elected official or candidates to do anything to address our critical lack of police officers in our community. This issue is not just a Minneapolis problem. It’s growing exponentially across our nation with many of the 100,000 police officers that Bill Clinton helped incentivize to join the force in the 90’s are retiring soon.
  • If we can have 5 star uber drivers, why can’t we have 5 star police officers by using a web/mobile application to rate community interactions
  • Fund enough investigators to respond to police brutality claims in 90 days or less with the status tracked on an internet and a mobile phone application.
  • Recruiting and retention bonus of 50K for public school grads from redlined communities, 50K to serve in economically challenged communities, 50K for veterans, and most importantly 50K every three years for officer’s that meet a 5 star service criteria.
Mental Health / Opioid Crisis
  • Stop straw gun purchases to severely limit the sale of weapons sold by addicts to support drug addiction while getting the dealers sent to federal prison where they have great addiction programs and a lower recidivism rate
  • Straw Gun Purchase / Auto Sear Reduction Task Force- Take them off the streets by funding 100 new ATF for this task only. With about 30,000 deaths in the drug war each year, we must fix this program.
  • 10K bonus as a tax credit for Mental Health Responders (Firefighters, EMT, Nurses, Gov Addiction Response)
  • 50 K bonus as a tax credit for student loan repayment of Mental Health Care providers
  • 150 K bonus as a tax credit for student loan repayment for Mental Health Doctors
  • Must serve 2 years in economically challenged /urban/ rural area to combat lack of staff nationwide in these areas
Federal Law Reform / Ethics
  • “In the freest country in the history of the world, we have 5% of the world’s population, and 20% of the world’s prisoners. This must change, while these policies won’t fix everything, it is a start. I will work to champion these issues.”
  • 20% more funding for crime prevention and mental health services.
  • Legalize cannabis nationwide, but make smoking illegal in locations where regular smoking is illegal.-Decriminalization of sex workers. No one should get a criminal record for being trafficked or for choosing to be a sex worker. I believe people should be able to choose what they do with their bodies. This is a public health issue, not a criminal one.
  • If men mostly have a monopoly on destruction, women should mostly have a monopoly on creation. Women’s access to reproductive health care is a civil right and needs to be protected across our nation.
  • Decriminalization of psychedelics in their natural, or original form used by the people of the 1st nations.
  • Legalization of psychedelics for all medical purposes. Psychedelics, when well regulated are proven to help many of the mental health challenges our communities suffer from, especially veterans.
  • Decriminalize small personal amounts of drug residue and paraphernalia using the MN law as a framework. The last thing an unhoused addict needs is a criminal record. This is a public health issue not a criminal one.
  • Ratify the ERA. I am a fierce advocate for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. The ERA was introduced over 100 years ago, but is still not part of our constitution. I will also be a strong advocate for reform when it comes to holding police and military officials accountable for protecting women from sexual harassment and sexual trauma of any kind while defending and upholding our constitution.
  • “The special interest money in politics, and chasing it are at the heart of the problems in Washington, DC. I am on a mission to get the big money out of politics. We need accountability and transparency for folks in congress and on the Supreme Court. The legalized corruption we have today needs to be abolished starting with the policies below.”
  • No lobbying by lawmakers for 8 years after holding a federal office.
  • Prohibit members of Congress from owning stocks, but not mutual funds.
  • The same age requirements for US military officers should be used for elected officials in DC. Why do we let people older than 4 star generals vote for them to go to war?
  • Medicare for all that want it.
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Opportunity Ladders

Small Business Shark Tank Style Pitch Competitions

“I have spent a large part of my time as an adult working with inner city youth as a Minneapolis South High football coach, teacher, mentor, Minnesota National Guard Recruiter, and as a small business owner volunteering and inspiring my employees to give back to our community. I also created the MPS Pitch Rally to fund young start up businesses for MPS graduates 23 and under. This funding helps provide young adults with the mentors and tools needed to be successful in capitalism because when they are successful in capitalism, they will not want to burn it down. We must give the youth of our nation these tools.”

-Public schooling must prepare students for owning a small business, working in a highly technical job, or a career in the trades by fostering experiences starting in middle school.

Under 25 Public School Shark Tank style small business pitch competition’s for public school’s with seed funding nationwide.

-Create the Silicon Valley of the north at the 3rd precinct site in Minneapolis by funding dozens of new startups in the communities most affected by the unrest.

-Tax payer Angel Investment of $100,000 for contest winner each year

(Proceeds fund expansion into more communities)

Free Community College, Trades, and High Tech Training

-Free community college, trade schools, and high tech training programs that result in 80%+ job placement for public school students of families where parents each make less than $80,000 a year adjusted for dependents. It’s good for your communities and for our economy to make our economy more competitive in every emerging high tech job in this new world where having a good career doesn’t require a 4 year degree. This will allow for easier career transitions as technology changes and jobs become obsolete. It also helps older workers get retraining if unemployed as age discrimination is the number one awarded employment law settlement in the U.S. The average person changes jobs seven times in their career. With new AI tools now widely available, this could increase drastically.

“Blue collar workers and technical workers will build our community back bigger and better. Folks don’t need 100K student loans. They need 100K jobs in a few years in the trades or high tech jobs.”

-Invest in trades shop infrastructure in Public schools to create the next generation of trades workers to rebuild America’s infrastructure and housing using technology as an assistant.

-Public school high tech job training certificates in cyber security, artificial intelligence, digital media.

Public School To Police Pathway

The best way for the core values of our Police department to change is to have folks with lived experience serving on our police force. We must create a robust Police relationship with your communities like we had in the early 80’s with more police athletic leagues. We will create a training program and get federal funds for a huge signing bonus and higher pay for people that live in and have strong ties to our communities.

Public School Personal Training Certification

Fund nationwide public school Personal Trainer certification. Teaching the youth to lead Health, Fitness, and Mindfulness training by example in economically challenged communities while giving them certifications to work in these industries or start a business upon graduation.


Clean Water

-2 cent federal tax for every plastic bag purchased that does not contain 50% material recycled from US waters. This pays for annual public school student water clean ups.

-Ban commercial creation of PFAS and other new forever chemicals.

-No drilling in the BWCA and no new gas and oil pipelines in Minnesota.

-Funding dam removal and restoration of waters crucial to support native fish species when it creates private sector jobs to offset the cost to taxpayers over a reasonable amount of time.

Net Zero

I support the federal goal of being Net Zero by 2050.

Green Energy

“A strong economy is a green economy moving forward. Our health and wellbeing depend on responsible investments in this space.

Leadership. Experience. Values.


About Tim

Small Business Owner, MN National Guard Recruiter, and Minneapolis South High Graduate

Service before self are just words to many – Not to Tim. He has served our community as a Personal Trainer, Civil Rights Speaker, Deep Sea Fishing Captain, US Air Force Sergeant, South Football Coach, Teacher, Adoptive Parent, NAACP Member, Muslim Youth Mentor, Minneapolis Park Board Volunteer, VFW and Pride Rotary member.

Union Activist

Civil Rights Speaker

Majored in Business Management

Created MPS Entrepreneur Pitch Rally
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