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Help us reach our goal


Help us reach our goal
Safety public guard in New York City. City life concept.

Public Safety

  • Recruit fully staffed police force that matches our core values and lived experience for safe streets
  • Create and fund MPS student to Police pipeline
  • Create and fund the green to blue new deal. Immigrant to military/police citizenship pipeline. We need more hard working immigrants to fuel our thriving economy regardless of their color, race, creed or sexual orientation. If you can raise an army of soldiers in a year, you can process an army of immigrants in a year to join that military. Every immigrant that serves for 6 months should become a citizen. How is it that these folks that qualify for VA benefits are not citizens? What sense does that make? We will be a sanctuary city for Veterans that are not citizens. We will help them with costs to keep them in our great country while living dignified in Minneapolis.
  • Provide federal funding so we have no more than 30 cases per investigator on Police officer complaints, and have a federal law that limits investigations to no more than 90 days nationwide. Regardless of whether there is a department of justice consent decree. New Orleans has had a decent decree for 10 years.
    Regardless of whether there is a department of justice
    New Orleans hasn’t had the budget to fund this critical work.
  • Create a DOJ phone application and website to process complaints that has 5 stages of the investigation updated in real time. The officer’s badge number will be used to insure privacy.
Crime Prevention
  • Fund a safe streets style program nationally employing public school students and graduates.
  • 20% more funding for cameras and technology including drones to track car jackers.
  • 20% more funding for big data, and artificial intelligence to truly figure out the best way to be laser focused on where to apply our resources.
Unhoused / Mental Health
  • We must create more 90 day temporary housing for our unhoused brothers and sisters. Many unhoused are hard working folks that need a hand up before things get bad, not a handout.
  • 20% more funding for crime prevention and mental health services.
  • We will work with the city, state, and county to get federal funds for implementation of the Nordic and Singaporean model that has eliminated unhoused folks living on the streets.
  • Human dignity and the safety of unhoused residents must be at the center of our plan while treating them with compassion. We need to prioritize healthcare and social services, a bridge to stable housing, mental health support, chemical dependency treatment, and 90 days of storage for personal belongings.
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Opportunity Ladders

Public School To Small Business Pathway

Inspire the young leaders of today to create ladders of opportunities for their communities. Not just for today but for generations. Minneaplis will no longer be known as just the city where George Floyd was murdered. We will be known as the city that inspired the world uplifting our youth to be small business owners.

Public School To Personal Trainer Pathway

One of the best ways to make our communities more prosperous is to have youth in our community lead by example inspiring health and fitness in the world around them. I did this first hand at MTS Charter school across from the 3rd precinct. When people are healthy, everything is easier. We must fully fund this initiative because the health and lives of our marginalized communities depend on it. With healthcare costs ballooning and many folks not trusting healthcare providers, we must ensure people know how to take care of not only their bodies but to also practice and benefit from mindfulness training.

Public School To Police Pathway

The best way for the core values of our Police department to change is to have folks with lived experience serving on our police force. We must create a robust Police relationship with your communities like we had in the early 80’s with more police athletic leagues. We will create a training program and get federal funds for a huge signing bonus and higher pay for people that live in and have strong ties to our communities.


Clean Water

Eliminate PFAS in our water supply by funding a federal study that will be tested and perfected in Minneapolis before being brought nationally. Stop all oil pipelines from being finished or started. Ensure the voice of the first nation’s people are heard in Minnesota and all over the country.Water must be protected from pollution.

Green Parks

We must get federal funding to protect the water and green spaces in our community, especially the Mississippi national park and its waterways. Work everyday towards a pollution free environment.

Green Energy

Our future is in green energy, water is life and needs to be guarded. The only pipelines we should be building, are figurative and will create jobs for inner city youth and veterans. We must look to the 1st nations people to be our guide as we are guests on the lands of their ancestors. Triple EV charging stations and decrease carbon emissions by 5% each year.

Leadership. Experience. Values.


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Small Business Owner, MN National Guard Recruiter, and Minneapolis South High Graduate

Service before self are just words to many – Not to Tim. He has served our community as a Personal Trainer, Civil Rights Speaker, Deep Sea Fishing Captain, US Air Force Sergeant, South Football Coach, Teacher, Adoptive Parent, NAACP Member, Muslim Youth Mentor, Minneapolis Park Board Volunteer, VFW and Pride Rotary member.

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