About Tim


Service before self are just words to many. Not to me. Protesting with my black mother as a child was a great way to start serving our community, and I haven't stopped since.

Tim Peterson

The only pipelines we will be building will create opportunity ladders for our youth.


Military Service

Fifteen years of serving in the United State Air Force as a Fighter Aircraft Weapons Load Crew Chief and in the Minnesota Army National Guard as a record setting recruiter in Minneapolis. Tim received the commandant's award while serving as the platoon sergeant at the 1st ever National Guard Recruiting, Retention, and Attrition management military occupational specialty conversion course.

Father of 5 Children, Adoptive Parent of Two

Before serving one's community, one must first ensure their family's needs are met. The strength of a family is the core of our community, and its continuity is of the utmost importance. That is why I will work tirelessly to support adoptive and foster families along with the union social workers that tirelessly support them.


Workers are what make our community great. We must ensure that the folks that take care of us, get the hard earned benefits they deserve so they can provide for the most needy people in our community. The poor, widowed, orphaned, elderly, and disabled all rely on these people. Our union workers deserve the best from us if we are truly going to lead the way. We must ensure all workers' voices are heard even if they do not belong to a union. We can inspire them to create one.

Community Service

When George Floyd was murdered on the street Tim rode his bike as a kid, he sold his Deep Sea fishing business and home in Florida and immediately started Volunteering at East Phillips Park teaching the kids kickboxing. He then created the 1st ever Minneapolis Public School Entrepreneur Pitch Rally. While he raised over $12,000 to give to three young business owners,3 of which are young women of color, he hopes to double this amount in 2024.

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